Not Wearing Rear Seat Belt In Car

Pay Rs 1000 Fine For Not Wearing Rear Seat Belt In Car! Rear Mirror Mandatory In Two-Wheelers

Pay Rs 1000 Fine For Not Wearing Rear Seat Belt In Car! Rear Mirror Mandatory In Two-Wheelers

You will be amazed to know about the latest campaign announced by the West Delhi Traffic Police ensures that people sitting in the rear seat wear seat belts as well.

How Did This Happen?


According to them now people are required to wear a seat belt even in the back seat.

Some may get surprised and think it as a whim or some such.

But, in fact, there are laws for this and according to them, it is mandatory for everyone seated in the rear row to wear their seat belts as well.

Yes, you heard right, in reality, there are countless other laws in regards to safe practices when it comes to vehicles and it is one of them.

Instead of ranting about it, it seems to be a remarkable initiative towards the safety of individuals sitting in the back seat of the vehicles.

Rear Seat Belt Challan

So far, the department has made no official announcement regarding the quantum of the challan being issued to motorists found to be not wearing seat belts in the rear seats.

However, word has it that the authorities are levying fines of up to Rs 1,000.

In addition to this, the two-wheeler users should also note that this special drive by the West Delhi Traffic police will also levy fines for two-wheelers found without rearview mirrors.

Further, this special drive, which started on 13 January 2021, will be ending on 23 January 2021, as informed by the Deputy Commissioner, Western Range Traffic Police, Delhi, in the notification issued by the department.

As we can see, this initiative drive is a great measure.

Although, it is just not enough that one lone region in the national capital endeavors to enforce the rule which is especially aimed at saving many lives.

Poor Law Enforcement

According to the Older surveys of Indian motorists, one of the key reasons for non-compliance with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 and Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 in regards to wearing seat belts in the rear row is mainly because of the poor enforcement.

Apart from that several other factors are also involved which include a lack of awareness, also play into it, but sub-standard enforcement was cited as the primary reason.

We hope that soon we will have answers for all these problems, not only for the capital of the country but for the whole of India.

Source:- trak